About Us

Filtervac was first established in 1983 and was reorganized in 1990 with a much stronger focus on the global market. The founder and president of Filtervac International was the former Chief Engineer of Keene-Bowser Corp. and during this period, Keene-Bowser was known as the world leader in oil dehydration equipment used for insulating oil applications in the electrical and power industry. This laid the foundation on which Filtervac improved and expanded on its line of filtration products.
Filtervac’s name quickly became synonymous for quality engineered liquid filtration equipment that is on the cutting edge of technology, especially in the area of oil filtration, purification and regeneration systems. Filtervac offers a variety of systems for various industries and applications but they are designed with the following mandates in mind:


Filtervac systems are designed to effectively protect your present and future equipment which is typically a large portion of a company’s investment. Operating equipment requires dry and clean oil/liquids to ensure that the equipment (investment) lives to its full expectancy.


Besides protecting valuable equipment, Filtervac systems are designed to extend the life of resources typically required in the operation of the equipment. Extending the life of resources provides for quick paybacks on investments.


Filtervac’s systems protect precious resources and reduce the strain on the environment. More importantly, Filtervac creates systems that economically protect your resources environment. The customer wins by reducing costs while society benefits by having a cleaner environment for present and future generations.
From the initial stage of an inquiry down to the final stage of shipping a finished system, Filtervac’s team of sales representatives, application engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, certified welders, pipe fitters and suppliers ensure that a Filtervac customer receives a quality product and customer support.
Filtervac International is truly an international company with knowledgeable representatives throughout the world who are committed to providing solutions to customers. We look forward to being a part of your solutions.