The unique feature, which distinguishes the ECOIL System (OR-SRS) from other motor oil processing plants, is the ability to reactivate the used Fullers Earth. The ECOIL’s reactivation process is fully automated and enables the system to process oil again and again using the same clay. Clay need not be removed from the ECOIL System for a period of up to two years or 300 reactivations. When finally removed as dry neutral sand, it can be disposed of as non-hazardous substance and be used for building materials. Computer-controlled program allows for continuous oil regeneration in transformers without interrupting power transmission.

The motor oil polishing system is used to treat the following parameters:

  • Reduce oil acidity
  • Improve oil color
  • Improve oil Interfacial tension
  • Remove corrosive sulfur from oil

Filtervac re-refined oil polishing system is considered the standard system of choice in the industry; our systems are design and manufactured with continuous operation mode in mind. With the shortest reactivation time and highest reliability in the industry; Filtervac has positioned itself to be the leader in this technology.

We emphasize our system performance to provide the shortest operational cycle; this process improves the system economics and provides end customers with high return on investment. Our systems are used to improve reclaimed oils by restoring color, improving oxidation stability and removing acidity/sulphur concentrations to acceptable levels. Our systems provides feasible alternative to hydrogen treatment plants as a means of polishing re-refined lube oil.

Filtervac has cooperated with several manufacturers to integrate our systems into a complete turnkey solutions utilizing thin wipe film evaporators as the first stage treatment and utilizing Filtervac’s Ecoil Clay Polishing System as the final polishing stage. In addition the Filtervac Ecoil Clay Polishing System can be solely sourced and integrated into existing Oil Refinery application as a polishing stage.

Our systems are specifically designed to fit your requirements providing the most cost effective solution; the system utilizes several banks of columns that contain a special blend of Filtervac absorptive clay. The number of columns utilized depends on the targeted processing flow rate and properties of oil being processed; Filtervac has extensive experience to help select the most cost effective solution for your specific case.

Filtervac’s absorptive clay can be utilized for hundreds of reactivations while providing for consistent processed oil quality. Usually the absorptive clay is exchanged annually for systems running in continuous mode of operation (24/7), specific to the quality of oil being processed and specific contaminates removed in the process. Once the absorptive clay is exhausted; it can be replaced and disposed of in a conventional landfill site as nonhazardous waste.

Filtervac provides specific systems processing capabilities with options to process oils in parallel or series through column banks. Processing in parallel will increase system throughput and allow processing higher flow rate while processing in series provides capability to treat heavily contaminated oil with multiple passes at the same time. The system is operated via a SCADA interface providing semi-automated or fully-automated options; remote operation capability is a built in feature.

Typical system Features are as follows:

  • Processing flow rates from 100 USGPH (300 LPH) to 5,300 USGPH (20,000 LPH)
  • Improves oil colour and removes oxidation products without impacting oil viscosity index.
  • Continuous operational mode (24/7) with the shortest cycle in the industry
  • A variety of operating voltages available such 600V, 480V, 415V, 380V and 220V and frequencies (60/50HZ).
  • Standard systems are provided as Nema 4. Optional upgrade available to Explosion Proof Rated Systems.
  • Modular system construction with multiple skids allowing for economical shipping and easy installation
  • Different layout processing capabilities (parallel or series)
  • Specific system configuration in terms of number of columns per bank and process layout to provide highest return on investment
  • SCADA interface providing semi-automated and fully-automated options
  • Treatment of high sulphur and acidity
  • Full turnkey systems including Thin Wiped Film Evaporators
  • Optional supply of standalone emission control system.
  • Worldwide global presence with onsite or remote service options

A Multi-Purpose Filter that meets the needs of any maintenance department & provides a cost effective solution to the above mentioned
facts that are regularly faced by companies.FILTERVAC offers a variety of Portable Filter Carts that range in flow rates & levels of filtration.


  • Model FDP-300/500-S-6018
־ One(1) Filter Housing is mounted on the cart & is designed to accept
one(1) 6” X 18” filter element

־ Flow Rates: Series 300 - 3 GPM

־ Flow Rates: Series 500 - 5 GPM


  • Model FDP-300/500-D-6018
־ Two(2) Filter Housings are supplied & each housing is designed to accept
one(1) 6” X 18” filter element

־ Flow Rates: Series 300 - 3 GPM

־ Flow Rates: Series 500 - 5 GPM


  • Model FDP-S
־ Designed for various flow rate capacities

־ Filter Housing(s) optional; Filtervac offers housings to accept either bag filters 
or cartridges

־ Air Diaphragm Pump available for areas requiring explosion proof controls & 

The Extender Oil Conditioning System was originally designed for Teck Coal Mining operations in Western Canada who were looking to start up a preventative maintenance program for their fleet of 930E Komatsu Hauling Trucks. The goal was to maintain clean oil in the GE wheel motor reservoir that was specified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), reduce the need for frequent new oil change outs and to ultimately extend the time between major Wheel Motor Bearing overhauls. Filtervac worked with the client to design a Filtration System that was compact, easy to use and effective in cleaning up the ISO 680 Gear Oil. Over several years of use, an internal study done by the client has shown that with the use of the Extender Oil Conditioning System, the mining operation has extended the time between maintenance overhauls on the Wheel Motor Bearing from 1,000 to 4,000 operating hours. In addition significant savings have been realized by being able to recover the existing oil in their fleets and reduce the need for having to purchase new oil.


Most oil filtration equipment that is originally installed to protect industrial equipment & transformers cannot remove contamination adequately to maximize the long life potential of the equipment.

The Filtervac Solution – The EXTENDER Off-Line Oil Conditioning System

The Extender is designed for continuous or portable use and utilizes several control features that allow for unattended use. Oil reservoirs are continuously kept clean and dry and ensure that oil specifications that are outlined by Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.) are met or surpassed. The Extender Oil Conditioner utilizes the following features:

  • Removal of particulate & carbon smaller than 3, 6, 14, 20 & 37 microns absolute with the use high quality pleated filters.
  • Single or Dual Stage Filtration Systems. Fullers Earth Filter Housing also available for the removal of acids and sludge from oil.
  • Standard flow rates at 3, 10 & 30 GPM
  • Water removal filters available
  • Optional Heaters
  • Self-contained & skid mounted system
  • Viton seals for high degree of fluid compatibility
  • Optional portability kit that includes castors & hoses

The Filtervac Filter Carts are used to clean insulating oils found in switch gear/circuit breakers applications and
oil circuit re-closer, voltage regulators and tap changer applications where they are ideal for removing carbon
and water contamination from insulating oils.


FACT #1:

Most Oil Filtration Equipment (O.E.M.) that is originally installed to protect industrial

equipment cannot adequately remove contamination (both particulate & water) to maximize

the long life potential of original equipment.

FACT #2:

Many Oil Suppliers are not able to provide brand new oil that meets cleanliness levels

specified by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.)

FACT #3:

Most Oil Reservoirs require a top-up of new oil and this is usually achieved by

transferring oil from drums to the reservoir.

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Meet the exacting standards of the latest Environmental code with a Canadian designed and manufactured Thermal Oxidation Waste gas flares by Canada’s leader in municipal gas flares.

The FILTERVAC waste gas flare system offer solutions to the problems of odour control, noise and air pollution associated with the safe and complete destruction of the waste gasses produced by municipal landfills and water treatment plants

Standard Options:

  • Oil Coolers (Air & Water Cooled Heat Exchangers)
  • Secondary Back- up Oil Pump (automatic switchover in case of 1st stage oil pump failure)
  • Additional Emergency Back-Up Oil Pump (125V DC, TEFC Motor)
  • Locally Mounted Control Panel or Junction Box Provided Complete With All Wiring/
    Instruments Pre-connected for Further Connection to Customers Main Control System
  • Many Other Options Available Upon Request