Duplex Filtration System Model VDL-Y


Many industrial oil applications require 100% continuous filtration and call for Duplex Filtration. Filtervac offers several styles of duplexing.
MODEL VDL-511/512:
For flow rates up to a max 300 USGPM (depends on a a variety of factors), Filtervac offers a cost effective yet quality duplex filtration system. This Duplex Filter utilizes one(1) Dezurik Three(3) Way that is placed on the inlet side of the system and diverts flow to the respective filter. Check Valves are used on the outlet side of the filter to prevent backflow to the idle filter.
In addition, this Duplex Filtration design utilizes unique 511/512 filters that come complete with Y Handle covers. This unique cover assembly allows for filter changeouts to be done without the need for tools. Quick and easy filter changeouts are enjoyed by maintenance staff with this model.

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