Wheelmotor Oil Conditioner


The Extender Oil Conditioning System was originally designed for Teck Coal Mining operations in Western Canada who were looking to start up a preventative maintenance program for their fleet of 930E Komatsu Hauling Trucks. The goal was to maintain clean oil in the GE wheel motor reservoir that was specified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), reduce the need for frequent new oil change outs and to ultimately extend the time between major Wheel Motor Bearing overhauls. Filtervac worked with the client to design a Filtration System that was compact, easy to use and effective in cleaning up the ISO 680 Gear Oil. Over several years of use, an internal study done by the client has shown that with the use of the Extender Oil Conditioning System, the mining operation has extended the time between maintenance overhauls on the Wheel Motor Bearing from 1,000 to 4,000 operating hours. In addition significant savings have been realized by being able to recover the existing oil in their fleets and reduce the need for having to purchase new oil.