Conventional Fuller’s Earth Filtration Systems

Conventional Fuller’s Earth Filtration Systems are designed and engineered to remove contaminants such as acids, waxes, gums, resins, asphalts, sludge, carbon, surfactants and traces of free water from various oils and liquids. In addition these systems are able to rectify the colour and remove odour. Many applications exist such as:

– Insulating Oil
– Seal Oil
– Quenching oil
– Lubricating & Hydraulic Oil
– Aviation & Diesel Fuel
– White Oils
– Cooking Oils
– Oil Refinery & Recovery Process Application

Conventional systems utilize Fuller’s Earth within the filtration process. Once the earth has maximized it adsorptive quality, it must be disposed of as a hazardous substance and the vessel must be replenished with new medium. FilterVac offers two (2) broad ranges of conventional Fuller’s Earth filtration systems. The systems either implement the use of removable Fuller’s Earth canisters or employ loose Fuller’s Earth clay in columns/towers. Each style of system is engineered for specific applications for specific flow rates and processing times.