Waste Motor Oil Polishing System


The unique feature, which distinguishes the ECOIL System (OR-SRS) from other motor oil processing plants, is the ability to reactivate the used Fullers Earth. The ECOIL’s reactivation process is fully automated and enables the system to process oil again and again using the same clay. Clay need not be removed from the ECOIL System for a period of up to two years or 300 reactivations. When finally removed as dry neutral sand, it can be disposed of as non-hazardous substance and be used for building materials. Computer-controlled program allows for continuous oil regeneration in transformers without interrupting power transmission.

The motor oil polishing system is used to treat the following parameters:

  • Reduce oil acidity
  • Improve oil color
  • Improve oil Interfacial tension
  • Remove corrosive sulfur from oil