With over 20 years’ experience in the Oil Filtration and Regeneration Industry; Filtervac has established a very competitive edge by being a one stop shop service provider. Filtervac has the full capabilities to ensure a successful project completion. From early stage definition of functional requirements to fully operation on site. We offer complete in-house design capability, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and service with exceptional quality and functionality. Focus on cost efficiency and maximizing customer return on investment.


  • Ability to commission equipment at your site.
  • Training either at your site or at our manufacturing location prior to shipment
  • Highly skilled Filtervac International employees will work with you to develop the best system for handling your purification needs. We will work with you from the early planning stages for smooth, cost-effective planning and implementation.
  • Provide spare parts or service items on request To ensure you have maximum uptime for your equipment we will recommend and are able to supply spare parts for your systems. You can obtain quotations for parts at CONTACT-US

Joint Ventures

In certain markets, Filtervac is interested in providing and collaborating on a joint venture to provide on-site Transformer Oil Regeneration Services

Leasing/Financing of Equipment

Filtervac is capable of organizing the financing of systems through 3rd party organizations such as private financial institutions or through Canadian Government Organizations(Export Development Corporation or NorthStar)
Filtervac offers equipment for leasing to customers that require immediate solutions; we also offer experienced operation and service personnel to provide either operational support or take full responsibility of operating leased equipment. With over 20 years’ experience in the field of oil purification and regeneration as a manufacturer and service provider; our customers can be rest assured of the high quality of service they will receive from our qualified team of Engineers and Technicians.

For a complete list of systems available for lease; please contact our sales department.

Bonding (Bid and Performance Bonds)

Through the Export Development Corporation (EDC), Filtervac is able to provide economical issuances of bid and performance bonds. In over 20 years of doing business, Filtervac has issued many bonds and has enjoyed a top notch credit rating by E.D.C.

Filtervac Manufacturers the following Systems:

  • Transformer oil degasser
  • Transformer oil dehydrator
  • Transformer oil filtration system
  • Transformer oil regeneration system
  • Transformer oil treatment system