The Filtervac Filter Carts are used to clean insulating oils found in switch gear/circuit breakers applications and
oil circuit re-closer, voltage regulators and tap changer applications where they are ideal for removing carbon
and water contamination from insulating oils.


FACT #1:

Most Oil Filtration Equipment (O.E.M.) that is originally installed to protect industrial

equipment cannot adequately remove contamination (both particulate & water) to maximize

the long life potential of original equipment.

FACT #2:

Many Oil Suppliers are not able to provide brand new oil that meets cleanliness levels

specified by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (O.E.M.)

FACT #3:

Most Oil Reservoirs require a top-up of new oil and this is usually achieved by

transferring oil from drums to the reservoir.

Filtervac’s designs and manufacturers unique Filter Vessels and Duplex Filtration System that is offered with the option of utilizing two(2) Three-Way or one(1) Six-Way HYCOA Non-Lubricated Plug Valves to provide the highest degree of simplicity and fluid control in a Single or Duplex Filtration application.

Filtervac designs and manufactures low watt density Heater Skid and Filtration Skid Systems for filtering, elevating and accurately maintaining temperatures of various kinds of oils and fuels. The Filtervac Oil Heater System design utilizes CE/CSA/UL listed heating elements with a watt density rating of 12 watts per square inch.

Oil Regeneration is a process which eliminates acidic, colloidal contaminents and other products of deterioration. This is achieved by chemical and adsorbent means to obtain an oil with characteristics similar to those of a new product.

Advanatages of Oil Regeneration are:

  • For removing oxidation products, acids, sludge and other degrading products from the oil
  • Restoring neutralization number, interfacial tension and dissipation factor
  • Remove moisture and dissolved gas through vacuum processing
  • Removing solids by filtration

FilterVac has over twenty years’ experience in design, manufacturing and operation of Transformer Oil Purification and Regeneration Systems. FilterVac offers a wide selection of systems that provide the highest quality oil filtration, purification and regeneration. Filtervac offers standard and custom designed packaged systems to satisfy specific application requirements.

Our team of design and application engineers work directly with you, the customer, from the early stages of front end engineering design, to the
final stages of onsite commissioning, through the operational life of the equipment.

  • Transformer oil Purifier
  • Transformer oil Regeneration
  • Transformer oil Filtration